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Medallion Hunt

The medallion has been FOUND!


It was found in Rolling Oaks Park.  The medallion was located on the east side of the park under the third pine tree.

Clue #6 - Saturday, July 9

Continue the search, give it your best try,

Look all around, there are houses nearby,

You’re cold where it’s warm, look lower than high,

If you find it, please call, and we’ll verify.


Clue #5 - Friday, July 8

Finding the medallion will be a highlight,

Just follow the clues and try as you might.

Remember it’s usually not in plain sight.

Look early today, so you don’t miss Cruise Night!

Clue #4 - Thursday, July 7

Winter, spring, summer, and fall,

There are fun sports to play, we like them all!

A rink for hockey, a hoop for basketball,

Fields for soccer, as well as softball.

Clue #3 - Wednesday, July 6

North, south, east, and west,

Our Lakeville parks are simply the best!

Playgrounds, picnics, and benches to rest,

There’s something for all, enjoy your quest!


Clue #2 - Tuesday, July 5  

The search is on, let’s begin the race!

Take care as you look, please don’t leave a trace.

The medallion is hidden in a public space,

With grass, trees, trails, it’s a very nice place.

Clue #1 - Pan-o-Prog's here and there's no time to be slow, there's treasure to find, so look high and look low!  You gotta start somewhere, so here's your very first clue.  Then be ready on Tuesday, July 5th for Clue #2!


Additional clues will be posted by 9am each day, beginning Tuesday, July 5th on our website at and Facebook

Be sure to buy a Pan-o-Prog button!  The prize is $250 cash!!!

Official Rules

  1. The medallion is hidden on public property in an easily accessible place.  It is NOT located in any of the following parks:  Aronson, Antlers, Casperson, James Jensen, Steve Michaud, or Downtown Plaza.

  2. It is not necessary to damage or destroy any property to find the medallion.

  3. Instructions about what to do when you find the treasure are printed on the back of the medallion.

  4. If more than one person finds the medallion, the reward will be split among all the finders.

  5. The medallion hunt is open to everyone except Pan-o-Prog board members and their families.

  6. Pan-o-Prog accepts no liability in connection with the medallion hunt.

  7. In the event the medallion is not found, the hunt will conclude at 8:00 am on Monday, July 11th.

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