Medallion Hunt


Be sure to buy a Pan-o-Prog Button!  The prize is a $1,000 savings bond or $500 cash!!!

Look for Clue #1 in the Pan-O-Prog flyer published Friday, June 28th. Additional clues will be posted by 9am each day, beginning Monday, July 8th on our website at, Facebook

CLUE #1 – Pan-o-Prog’s here and there’s no time to be slow, there’s treasures to find, so look high and look low.  You gotta start somewhere, so here’s your very first clue.  Then be ready on Monday, July 8 for Clue #2!

1.  The medallion is hidden on public property in an easily accessible place.  It is NOT located in any of the following parks: Aronson, Antlers, Casperson, James Jensen, Steve Michaud or Downtown Pioneer Plaza.
2.  It is not necessary to damage or destroy any property to find the medallion.
3.  Instructions about what to do when you find the treasure are printed on the back of the medallion.
4.  If more than one person finds the medallion, the reward will be split among all the finders.
5.  The medallion hunt is open to everyone except Pan-O-Prog board members and their families.
6.  Pan-O-Prog accepts no liability in connection with the medallion hunt.
7.  In the event the medallion is not found, the hunt will conclude at 8am the Monday following the parade.