About Pan-O-Prog

Panorama of Progress, or PAN-O-PROG as the weeklong festival is commonly known, began largely due from the success of the development of Lakeville’s Airlake Industrial Park. Sensing the future growth of the city, community leaders looked for a way to observe. Since 1967 Lakeville has been celebrating its successes as PAN-O-PROG!

Our Vision and Mission Statement

Vision – To make a significant contribution to the quality of life in the City of Lakeville by providing its citizens with a continuing source of community pride, a citywide celebration by and for every citizen, and a means of promoting the benefits of a common bond between the people, businesses, government, education and civic organizations which make up our community.

Mission – Volunteer-run community festival for all citizens promoting city heritage, fostering community pride and establishing community tradition.

Over 50 celebrations, events and activities take place during the week of July 4. By the masses, residents line up to watch the parade, classic car cruise and 4th of July fireworks!

Other impressive events include tournaments, pageants, battle of the bands, cookouts, orchestra in the park, crafts, outdoor dances pet and talent shows, medallion hunt and all varieties of entertainment! There is something for all age groups and food for all tastes. Come join the celebration!

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Pan-O-Prog Board

2019 Pan-O-Prog Board

Front Row L-R: Doug Thompson, Dawn Jetchick, Jan Akin, Sue Rogers, Monica Joubert, Leigha Knutson, Natalie Bartyzal, Krista Jech, Vince Goodwin
Back Row L-R: Patty Dexter, Kristen Babcock, Greg Hagerty, Mike Mikesell, Paul Kaus, Kathryn Forbord, Mike Jetchick
Not Pictured: Jim Dunn, Jon Erikson, Tom Knutson, Dave Litzinger, Diana Neameyer, Dan Pellinen, Jaci Taylor, Lisa Zarza

Looking to join in the fun of Pan-O-Prog?

We are looking for interested members to join our Pan-O-Prog Board! Our Board is made up of individuals LIKE YOU who wish to volunteer by taking an active part in our festival. You can become a member of one of our many committees and/or coordinate an actual event itself in our festival line-up.

We meet once/month February, March and June and twice/month in April and May, leading up to the big July celebration. All of our meetings are held at the Bowlero at 7:00 pm and last between 60-90 minutes.

If you are interested, please contact Greg Hagerty at hagerty.greg@gmail.com for more information. Hope to hear from you!

2020 Tom Knutson
2019 Greg Hagerty
2018 Greg Hagerty
2017 Jaci Taylor
2016 Jaci Taylor
2015 Diana Neameyer
2014 Diana Neameyer
2013 Sheri Stolp
2012 Sheri Stolp
2011 Jim Dunn
2010 Jim Dunn
2009 Kristen Babcock
2008 Kristen Babcock
2007 Jeff Forshee
2006 Bill Stolp/Jeff Forshee
2005 Dave Litzinger
2004 Dave Litzinger
2003 Sue Rogers
2002 Chip Norkunas
2001 Rob Mittelstaedt
2000 Mike Jetchick
1999 Sue Skorseth
1998 Dan Pellinen
1997 Sue Blanchard
1996 Bob Erickson
1995 Dan Rogers
1994 Mark Ruebel
1993 Doug Thompson
1992 Faylene Bruns
1991 Vicki Drake Austad
1990 Joan Sjoquist
1989 Steve Adochio
1988 Dave Krause
1987 Emy Larkin
1986 Bill Macklin
1985 Maxine Saul
1984 Nick Wolf
1983 Steve Michaud
1982  Don Atkinson
1981 Jim Emond, Sr
1980 Randa Vogen
1979 Don Cross
1978 Jim Falkenhagen
1977 Jerry Erickson
1976 Patrick Murphy
1975 Mel Ainsworth
1974 Jerry Clay
1973 Jerry Clay
1972 Henry Lau
1971 Al Johnson
1970 Lou Besser
1969 Carlton Hitchcock
1968 Carlton Hitchcock
1967 Carlton Hitchcock

2019 David Litzinger
2018 Larry and Faith McCaghy
2017 Terry Branham
2016 Pan-o-Prog Past Presidents
2015 Bill Studer
2014 Tom Vonhof
2013 Steve Michaud
2012 John Enggren and the late Jerry Enggren
2011 Don Speiker
2010 Wally Potter
2009 Betty Weishselbaum
2008 Jim Emond, Sr
2007 Bob Johnson
2006 Jim Falkenhagen
2005 Genevieve Prochnow
2004 Bob Erickson
2003 Jim Michel
2002 Fred Norgaard
2001 Duane Zaun
2000 Pat Donnelly
1999 Carl Walstrom
1998 Paul Krause
1997 Dorothy Emond
1996 Joan Sjoquist
1995 Vic Kohlnhofer
1994 Barry Christensen M
1993 Don Hutter & Don Cross
1992 Jerry Erickson
1991 Ed Mako
1990 Henry Lau
1989 Jack Berdan
1988 Dan Ahmann
1987 Millie Brandl
1986 Jim Jensen
1985 Felix Tillges
1984 Don McGuire
1983 Maynard Johnson
1982 Tom & Charlotte Vucinovich
1981 Evelyn Enggren
1980 Russ & Blanch Wilson
1979 Father Gerald Rowen
1978 George & Susan Sullivan
1977 Myrtle Sorenson
1976 Russell Streefland & Christina Huddleston
1975 Dr. S.P. McDaniel
1974 Bud White
1973 Robert Jensen
1972 Carleton Hitchcock
1971 Bill Brown (Vikings)
1970 John Paul Parise (North Stars)
1969 Howard Viken
1968 Howard Viken
1967 Howard Viken

2019 Anna Tipka
2018 Jennifer Anderson
2017 Lauren Davis
2016 Emily Scinto
2015 Stephanie Butler
2014 Brittney Fenimore
2013 Erica Elias
2012 Emily Healy
2011 Kaitlyn Rosenbush
2010 Jenna Diercks
2009 Katie Kranz
2008 Morgan Berg
2007 Alicia Ramsbacher
2006 Brianna Larson
2005 Megan Moolah
2004 Julie Brusseau
2003 Emily Barsness
2002 Sandra Vucinovich
2001 Sarah Wigley
2000 Janelle Weller
1999 Laura Caron
1998 Jamie Krapu
1997 Suzi Markert
1996 Jill Pearson
1995 Daisy Macklin
1994 Amelia Lehnert
1993 Chris Christensen
1992 Mandy McCullough
1991 Beverly Lynn Smith
1990 Christine Brown
1989 Michelle Cava
1988 Stephanie Henrichs
1987 Connie Hall
1986 Regina Berres
1985 Kristi Johnson
1984 Deborah Marshall
1983 Lisa Daudt
1982 Mary Bernard
1981 Cheryl Paulsen
1980 Kristen Stoohs
1979 Jeanne Manion
1978 Anita Anderson
1977 Judy Brick
1976 Cheryl Davis
1975 Cindy Day
1974 Cathy Rude
1973 Ann Groenjes
1972 Sue Smith
1971 Kathy Groenjes
1970 Marsha Schmitt
1969 Debbie Buck
1968 Sue Phillips
1967 Elayne Bradfield